How to Improve My Express Entry CRS Score?

These three steps can help you to increase your Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Well, as we are all aware that these days express entry CRS ranking getting much higher than prediction. Whenever Draw happened, it would always nearby CRS 470 to 475 even though IRCC inviting a huge number of applications. In short, competition is increasing, and more candidates enter the Express Entry pool every day.

These three steps can help you to increase your Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score and you may be able to get an invitation soon.

  1. French-speaking Express Entry candidates now qualified to get more points
    Canada’s immigration minister, Marco Mendicino, released information that French-speakers and bilingual candidates will receive additional points, which will boost the CRS score by up to 50 points.
    Start learning the French language and get clbl7 to get additional points that can help you to boost your CRS, score in the express entry.
  2. Closed relatives in Canada
    For close relatives in Canada, can help you to get additional 15 points, which would be a major game-changer in your application. Therefore, if you have siblings such as a brother or a sister or any other close relatives you are eligible to get additional 15 points in the express entry pool.
  3. IELTS CLB Level 9 AND CLB Level 10 to maximize your point.
    Retake your IELTS if you have less score than mentioned above, if you get clbl9 or clbl10 your score will change surprisingly.
    To score CLB 9 on the IELTS GT exam, you have to achieve the following minimum scores:
    • Listening: 8.0
    • Speaking 7.0
    • Reading: 7.0
    • Writing: 7.0
    To get your desired band score in IELTS contact us for a demo of the IELTS class or send your inquiry.

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